I am me. That means I am many things and what I am today, may not be what I am tomorrow. In fact, if exactly what I am today is the same tomorrow then I am not living.

So, a few things that I am right now: a single dad of 2 kids, a brother, a son, a friend, an insurance worker, a writer, a student of life, and a seeker of truth.

But those are only a few of the hundreds of things that define me.

And along with these things, what has and is happening to me also defines me.

But for today, right now, what defines me the most (and of course this is subject to change), is seeking the truth. My truth. And I recently figured out that this truth is constantly evolving. That’s what I intend this blog to be all about. And, of course, that’s subject to change too.

My blog topics will cover the “lighter” everyday stuff with family or maybe at work. And they’ll also get into the “heavier” topics like the falling apart of my marriage, the ending of the most important relationship in my life (not my marriage), dealing with mental illness and addiction, living with the pain of my psoriatic arthritis, and all the other shit life has thrown and will throw at me. But more importantly, I also plan to discuss what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown with the passing of each day.

But, that is all subject to change.

What isn’t going to change is my commitment to approach every blog post and every word with complete honesty. I will attempt to protect the anonymity of others while absolutely stripping myself bare and showing everything in every post.

Make no mistake about it… As I sit here on this final Saturday morning in October of 2017, I am writing this to help me. I am writing this because I feel like I need to. I’m doing it to improve MYSELF and MY LIFE.

But while my main motives are completely selfish, I also have to admit that I do hope others read this and are able to find some comfort or wisdom in my words so that their lives can improve too. I do want to help others and improve the world. Otherwise, what the hell is the point of any of this? But I also know, that making a positive change in the world starts with me making a positive change in myself.

So, here I go…