This week I’ve been on vacation from work. It’s the first full week I’ve been off since early last August. So, it’s been 11 months. And I really needed the break.

I spent it with family – including my cousin and her family of 5 who drove 8 hours to see me and my immediate family. I didn’t blog at all. And I only wrote about 1000 words of the fictional book I’m currently writing. But now I’m almost to the weekend so my vacation is almost over, and my thoughts turn back to work and real life.

I feel so divided right now. I look around and everything seems divided.

And it also feels like everything wants to be united.

This is all weighing so heavily on me. And I can’t shake it.

I know I’m supposed to tend to the garden I can touch. I know I’m not supposed to worry too much about things that are out of my control.

I try to focus only on myself and what’s close to me.

I think I do a pretty good job of it too.

But still…

This division is really pushing on me. It has been for a long time. And I don’t really know how to handle it.

There are just so many lies out there. There are so many people who are so opinionated without being educated.

Just look at any social networking site. Those sites are bulging at the seams with people spouting off about things – people who know next to nothing about what they’re talking about.

Here’s what I think right now:

We live in a very grey world and there are far too many people who think it’s black and white.

And here’s something else I think right now:

If someone is convinced they are 100% right, then they are absolutely wrong.

Far too many people believe they are 100% right. So, far too many people are absolutely wrong right now.

And look…. It’s okay to support something that isn’t completely right. But it isn’t okay to pretend that there isn’t any room for improvement or compromise.

Need an example?

Take any political issue. Abortion. Gun control. Legalizing marijuana. Immigration. (Insert any other issue here.) I don’t care what the issue might be. There is room to make it better. Yet, each side will refuse to budge so the divide between sides only grows larger.

Take abortion.

Are you pro-choice? Well, wouldn’t you admit that partial birth abortion is cruel and should be outlawed? In fact, wouldn’t you maybe feel more comfortable with outlawing any abortion in the 3rd trimester except for rare cases?

Are you pro-life? Well, abortion is not as black and white as you like to paint it. And can’t you at least admit that’s impossible to stop people from having sex and that maybe we should make birth control more readily available and maybe even increase awareness about pregnancy and options available early on in pregnancy?

I’m not trying to make either side seem right or wrong. But I am saying, that abortion is a painful process for the mother and is such a complicated issue, and we refuse to actually admit that it’s such a grey issue. We have people on opposite sides refusing to budge. So, people suffer because of it.

If we could just come together and try to find a solution, instead of only trying to protect our opinion, then things will truly get better.

This is supposed to be the job of our politicians. But they are all a bunch of money-hungry, power-hungry people who only care about being re-elected and living a rich life.

Politicians only make things worse. Not better.

And their #1 job is to make things better for this country. Yet they fail miserably at that.

So, again, I turn back to myself.

I know I feel best when I exercise and meditate and write. I know I feel better when I’m positive and try to lead with love and honesty.

So, those are the things I will make sure I do.

And I’ll continue trying to be a light in this darkness.

I won’t buy into the darkness. I won’t take part in the dividing. I will not scream I know everything and I am 100% right. I will continue to whisper so that I can listen I’ll continue to point out the grey that colors everything in life.

It’s all I can really do. Right now.

But I’ll also continue to look forward and to reach forward.

And hopefully, this division I feel inside and out, will at least be healed inside of me. And maybe, I can make a small difference to improving it outside of me too.


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