Today, I’m taking a break from my Ted Talk Thursday to announce I was on a podcast that was just published today. The overall theme of the show is the same as all the Ted Talks I’ve been showing. And my specific episode is too.

My friend, Victoria, has this podcast that’s pretty cool. A few weeks ago I sat down with her and we recorded an episode. You can listen here:

Being Me Podcast

Or you can listen wherever you get your podcast fix.

Since it’s been a few weeks, I don’t remember too many details about what we discussed. And I’m a little too scared to listen right now. But it’s all about self-help stuff and bettering oneself. It’s about tragedy and heartbreak and rebirth. It’s about life. My life, to be specific. And life in general.

I’d love it if you listened and let me know what you think… it’s already gotten some good feedback. But if you hate it, then please be nice about how you tell me you hate it. As Jewel once sang: “I’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.” (Which is also discussed in the Podcast, if I remember right – the sensitive part… not Jewel.)

I’ll try to work-up the courage to listen at some point today. And I’ll try not to freak out about what people who are close to me might think. I know I told my truth in that moment and tried to be say everything with strength and love. Hopefully it’s okay.

I’ll end this short post with a recent pic of me and Victoria…


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