Yesterday I was listening to Rob Bell’s latest podcast. Josh Radnor was on the show and it was all about quotes.

Being a writer, I guess I’m predisposed to really loving quotes. And I really loved this show. There were tons of great quotes and the discussions surrounding them were awesome too. Really, just about every single one of Rob’s podcasts are awesome.

But one quote stood out above all the rest. It was this:Let me fall if I must fall. The person I am becoming will catch me.-Baal Shem Tov

How freaking awesome is that?

It’s so true. I know that now more than ever.

I just wish I’d seen it about a year ago when my heart was first smashed. I wish I could go back and say it to my newly heartbroken self a then. But, I’m so happy to know it now.

It’s through hardship and heartbreak that we learn. It’s through hardship and heartbreak that we grow.

But you know what? I’m not so sure my year-ago-heartbroken-self would have liked it as much. I think I would have loved the hope it brought. But I definitely wouldn’t have appreciated the truth. I wouldn’t have seen the beauty in the truth.

And I probably would have resented the quote.

Because when I was in pain, I didn’t want to hear about how I could grow or how things would get better. Basically, it was like saying that the pain was a gift – it was an opportunity. And I didn’t want to – no, I couldn’t – look at the pain and think anything except how cruel it was. How cruel all the heartbreaks were.

And it was cruel.

It’s still cruel and it’s still horrible.

It’s also a gift. I see that now.

But it isn’t cruel or a gift. It’s both.

It’s cruel and a gift.

My heartbreak – and I dare say all heartbreaks – are both horrible and wonderful.

It makes me angry even now to say wonderful.

But I can see that I will get to that place where I’ll be able to use “wonderful” without it flaring anger inside of me. I can see that who I have become and who I will continue to become, will catch that falling person who couldn’t see any beauty in the heartbreak. I will catch that person who was paralyzed with pain. (Maybe I’m catching him right now.)

And that’s why I love the quote so much.

And it’s why I’d love to hear what quote you love – it can be your all-time favorite or a quote that just rings so true with where you are in life right now.

As I wrote at the top, I love quotes. And I’d love to have a discussion about the quote I love or the quote you love. I’d love to hear what lights you up and/or gives you hope.

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