At some point, probably very soon, there’s a post coming about specific things I’ve found to help with heartbreak. Some of them take less than a minute, some take  several minutes, and some take months. All of them work. But, sadly, none of them are magic (just wave a wand and everything is suddenly better).

For today though, I just wanted to write a quick post about life after heartbreak – about how things can and will get better. Better than ever.

If want to enjoy the stars, We have to be willing to sit in the darknessAnd look up.

Heartbreak comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s usually caused by the loss of something or someone close to us – a job, a pet, a significant other, a spouse, a dream, etc.

We all get our hearts broken. And sometimes (often) that plunges us into the deepest darkness. A darkness so thick that all we can do is blindly stumble along. A darkness so heavy that it feels like everything is wrong and always will be that way.

When it’s dark, it seems like we’ll never see the light.

But that’s not true. That’s just the sadness trying to find a permanent home.

And when we’re heartbroken and feel like nothing will ever be right, we need to remember that it isn’t true. As much as heartbreak hurts and as much as it hijacks our entire being, it’s only temporary. It is. Unlike love, heartbreak is not forever.

And the most important thing to remember during the darkest times is this:

The pain will strengthen you and make changes in your life that will lead to an even greater life, a higher happiness, and a deeper love.

No matter how much it hurts. The pain will pass. Trust that. Even if you can’t feel it (and usually we can’t) or know it, still choose to believe it.

And know that the goodness has not left. Neither has love. It’s all around.

You just have to be willing to feel the pain and know there is healing happening. You have to be willing to sit in the darkness and look up. In fact, the darker the night, the brighter the stars. The more pain you feel, the greater the healing.

It will be okay. It’ll be better than okay. It’ll be much better than before.

So take care of yourself. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. You’re not hurting because you’re weak or stupid or crazy. You’re hurting because you’re heartbroken.

So be good to yourself.

And start reaching when you’re ready. Try new things. Figure what YOU like and what lights you up. And then do it.

For me… I just went to a psychic a couple days ago. That’s something I never even considered until recently. But I just wanted the experience. No, it’s not going to change my life and I’m not going to suddenly deep-dive into that realm. But it is kinda cool and I’m glad I did it.

I did it for me. For the experience. For the fun of it. Because I’m worth it. Because my heartbreak is pushing me to a new and greater life.

Your heartbreak is too.

And I’m finally starting to see and appreciate that I am going to be okay. No. I’m going to be better than okay. I’m going to be great.

And so are you!

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