This weeks’ Ted Talk Thursday (TTT) focuses on the brain hallucinating our entire consciousness.

When I first saw this video, it blew my mind. And it made me a little uncomfortable about my very existence (just the thought of my brain sitting in silent darkness and simply perceiving or guessing at everything I experience… Yikes!).

The intro is a great set-up, but at the 4:30 mark… your mind will begin to be blown.

So, other than this being totally cool and a little unnerving… what’s the lesson we should learn about the brain and the mind? Well, Anil Seth brings it all together well at the end and makes very good points.

But, to take it a step forward, this should remind us all that our mind’s are built to keep us alive and it’s up to us to train our brains to react in today’s world. It also reminds us that, since everything is perception, we can change our world simply by changing our perception.

I repeat (because it’s very important):

Since the world is completely reliant on the perception in our brains, we can change the world just by changing our perceptions. Think about that for a minute… or more.

And now, prepare to have your mind blown….


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