Have you ever noticed that people who have a lot of money make it sound like it’s so easy to make lots of money? And people who don’t have a lot of money make it sound like it’s impossible to make lots of money?

Yesterday I was listening to a Podcast with the guy who created Braintree, Bryan Johnson. It’s really interesting – and more than a little frightening – to listen to him talk about the future and AI (Artificial Intelligence). But when he speaks, he talks about making money like it’s nothing. Sure, he works hard and is super driven… but it’s obvious that it’s his belief that makes him successful.

It’s been about a week since a huge underdog of a team beat the #1 ranked college basketball team in America. It was the first round of the NCAA Men’s Division I Tournament (March Madness!) and the University of Baltimore Maryland County (UCMB) destroyed – didn’t just beat but demolished – Virginia. And afterward, all the players kept repeating something like: “We believed in each other” or “We believed we could win.”

In fact, every athlete will tell you that to win, first you have to believe. You have to consciously believe. And you have to feel the belief. If not, there’s not a chance in the world that you’ll win.

It starts with belief.

This is always accepted as truth in the sports world. It’s pretty much accepted as truth in any form of competition. And if you replace belief with the word vision then it’s accepted in the business world too.

But here’s how I’m looking at life now:

It’s all just a game. It’s all about learning to enjoy our journeys and trying to win. (And the definition of winning is different for everyone. But in the end, it all involves being happy and feeling fulfilled – which makes us even happier).

And here’s the thing about this game:

We each get to make-up our own rules. All we have to do is believe in those rules.

Without getting too woo-woo here, lately I’ve been listening to Podcasts about and reading about the Law of Attraction. And I’ve also heard about what’s called Reality Transfiguration. I’m certainly no expert on either of these topics, but the one takeaway I’m applying to my life is to believe that good things are coming. To actually feel successful and happy and fulfilled. That will lead to me actually achieving success and being happy and fulfilled.

And so it starts with hope. And that hope has to turn to belief.

Hope even when times are dark. Hope even in the midst of tears. That’s the key. Hoping. Believing. Feeling good, even when life isn’t so good. Feeling good because of hope and because of a true belief in goodness.

But it’s not just about keeping hope alive even when the tears are flowing. In fact, tears themselves give me hope.

Did you know that the tears of sadness and happiness have a different chemical make-up than the tears we cry from cutting onions? And did you know that a tears of sadness and tears of happiness don’t look the same when observed under a microscope? Isn’t that amazing?

Now some will say that all tears will always appear differently because of the salt and how they dry before being observed. But I choose to focus on the chemical differences and the difference in appearance. And it gives me hope and makes me feel special.

Why? Because our creator cared enough to make us special right down to the finest details.

Crying is the biggest emotional release we have. We cry when we’re overwhelmingly sad and we cry when we’re overwhelmingly happy. I love that there’s a difference in the appearance. And I love that our bodies produce different tears when we’re cutting an onion as opposed to when we’re emotionally moved.

My point is this: We’re all special. We are all unique.

And we were all made with intricate planning and design.

So, we’re all here to be great. To fulfill our own destiny. And we get to decide what we want that destiny to be and how we will get there. It’s up to us. We get to decide what game we want to play and how we’ll play the game.

All we have to do is figure it out, one step at a time, and then believe. That’s it.

It’s all up to us.

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