“What are your nudges telling you? Listen to them. Don’t let the steamrollers of life come to get you.”

– Jo Simpson

For this edition of Ted Talk Thursday (TTT), here’s a video of Jo Simpson. She talks about how important it is to listen to yourself – your intuition – and to take action based on your inner voice. This is such an important lesson to learn. And it’s a lesson I just recently started applying.

I was brought-up not to listen to my inner voice – unless it was telling me to be very good and very quiet and very little. I learned to drown out my own voice and listen to the voices all around me. Now, I see that’s all wrong. It only led to me being all twisted up.

Listening to oneself is the key to living the life we are meant to live. And it’s the key to living big.

This video really helped me take a major step forward in my journey of self discovery. I hope it helps you too…


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