Yesterday my kids had a snow day. No school!

Every school in the area was closed as we all got hit with a winter storm that dumped about 10 inches on us. I worked from home so I didn’t have to deal with the messy roads.

Here’s a picture out my back window:


Back when I was teaching I used to love snow days. They were always the best days. Always so fun. And I was always in a great mood – all day long.

There was no pressure to do anything. There were no errands to run or extra chores to be done. It was just a free day. And, as I remember it, I was always in a great mood on those days.

Obviously getting a free day off was part of why I was so happy. An unexpected day off would raise anyone’s spirits. But there was more to it than that. There was something about the mindset that it would put me in. Like everything I did was okay. I was supposed to be at work but I wasn’t, so there wasn’t anything else I had to do. I could do anything and not feel guilty about it.

So, I’d play more with my kids. I watched a little more television. Sometimes I baked chocolate chip cookies. I read and wrote. I did whatever. And enjoyed it.

Now, I’m not going to turn this into some sappy blog entry. I’m not going to write about being more grateful about time and cherishing each moment. I’m tempted to do that. But I won’t. It’s already way too overdone. Plus, I’m not exactly sure why those days were always so great. I get some of it, but not all of it.

But I do think there is something there. Something about shifting the mindset more. Something about viewing each day differently. And being kinder and less judgemental about ourselves. Being okay with not doing too much each day or feeling like we should be doing more.

Is it possible to “create” our own snow days in our minds?

I wonder.

Our minds are beautiful, powerful machines. So, I bet it is. And I think I might try.

Maybe this weekend.

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